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  • dating with purpose


    This post is about something very broad, but at the core of my dating advice, and that is dating with a purpose. If that is something that you’ve wondered about before and really want to understand, then ensure to read these 5 steps on how to date with purpose. If you are like me, then […] More

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  • Surviving The Uncertainty Stage Of Dating

    This post is about surviving the uncertainty stage of dating. Before we proceed, one thing you must know is that this stage of dating is quite predictable. So don’t be confused if you find yourself in this situation because uncertainty doesn’t mean that the person is not the right one for you. Both men and […] More

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  • what not to do in the early stages of dating

    8 Things Not To Do In The Early Stages Of Dating

    Dating can be very nostalgic. For those who love to be single, this is something that can be considered an advantage. You often think of dating as something to do when you want to meet new people or find your true love. But if you’re not as lucky as a single person, you tend to […] More

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  • how to find love after 40

    40 And Single? Here’s How To Find Love After 40

    If you’re among the singles over 40 years of age out there still having fun, you’re aware that you are in the prime of your life with a myriad of life lessons already under your belt. Now is probably the best time to find that true love – A special person who is a true […] More

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  • dating tips for men

    Dating Tips For Men – 6 Tips For Successful Dating

    Dating can be a minefield and this is what every man knows, hence these dating tips for men. There are several things you can and cannot do, and even a date can be screwed up by the tiniest of mishaps. Also, with the introduction of online dating, there are now more things you need to […] More

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  • Do NOT Date Girls With These 10 Major Red Flags!

    Think of this as the crystal ball into the brain of a woman and red flags you should be looking for in your relationship. These are 10 red flags that you should pay attention to when you’re dating a girl. Everyone has their relationship red flags. Everyone has their deal-breakers. However, these are my 10 […] More

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  • questions to ask women on dates

    Ask Women These 10 Questions On Dates

    Have you ever been to a speed dating event? Well, I have and I will tell you from my experience, they are pretty damn dull and boring, going from seat to seat and having to answer the same mundane questions over and over and over again. By the time I was in guy number three, […] More

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  • How To Survive The First Week Of A Break-Up

    The end of a relationship is certainly a stressful situation for both partners, whether they have been together for just a week or a year. Whatever may be the reason for the breakup, the truth is that the “end” is not always easy. Sometimes, the problem is that in the quest to overcome those loving […] More

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  • Why the Nice Guy Always Wins In the End

    Many people think that nice guys finish last, but this sense of judgment shows a fundamental misunderstanding of who a “nice guy” is. If you are the type who thinks a nice guy loses in the end because he always put his woman first, then you are absolutely wrong. The truth is that it is […] More

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