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  • Karmic relationship

    5 Foolproof Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship

    Some of us enjoy the many thrills and feelings that come with being in a relationship. Making it very easy for us to remain in a karmic relationship without knowing it. Most times, people ignore the obvious signs that tell them that they are in a karmic relationship. They make excuses for their partner. Choosing […] More

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  • how to make him want you back


    How To Make Him Want You Back

    So you want this guy, and you want him to want you. You came to this article to find out how to make him want you back. I’ll give you answers to what you seek. Before we get into this, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get more articles like this. Also, share […] More

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  • strong romantic relationship

    15 Powerful Daily Habits That Build A Strong Romantic Relationship

    A romantic relationship with a compatible partner provides a source of deep fulfillment. However, it takes a lot of work. Yes, making a relationship work requires a lot of effort. Even though there aren’t any magical treatments that will automatically inject the right emotions into your relationship, there are certainly many steps that you can […] More

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  • Hot

    These 6 Behaviors Could Destroy Your Relationship

    Conflict and tension are things you can’t avoid in any relationship. It might be a moment when he said he would text you at the end of a night out after being with his friends, and he didn’t, or where he relates with a person in a way that makes you feel jealous. Or maybe […] More

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  • 7 Signs He’s Ready For A Serious Relationship With You

    When building a serious relationship, there are two things that you’re looking for: Chemistry and Compatibility. If you desire a fantastic relationship, you want to have both of them. Often, it’s really easy to get seduced into thinking, does he like you, and looking for the signs of whether or not he’s into you, he […] More

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  • how to find true love

    Here’s How To Find True Love In Life

    Want to know how to find true love? There is probably no subject that has fascinated people over the centuries and in almost all cultures other than love. Humans have smashed the speed of sound, put a man on the moon, and mapped the human genome, but what remains a complete mystery is love. Math […] More

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  • how to find love after 40

    40 And Single? Here’s How To Find Love After 40

    If you’re among the singles over 40 years of age out there still having fun, you’re aware that you are in the prime of your life with a myriad of life lessons already under your belt. Now is probably the best time to find that true love – A special person who is a true […] More

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  • How Men Over 40 Years Fall In Love

    So there’s an old saying that “men find love through sex and women give sex to find love.” And that’s partially true in their 20s when men are driven by testosterone, they are driven by dopamine and oxytocin and all those things. Since they are driven by sex, they hope to find love that way. […] More

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  • Why You Should Never Settle In A Relationship

    Settling is an irritating and depressing word. Only a few people would suggest that you settle for less than you deserve in any relationship. But the pressure to settle can be so real, both internally and externally even if it is not fully expressed. Men and women who are still single after a certain age […] More

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  • The Annoying Things My Girlfriend Does

    There are certain things that my girlfriend does that always annoy me even though I love her. Yes, I love making her laugh. I love her body and her smile. I love the way she dances and the way she walks, and the gracefulness she brings to even the most boring everyday chores. We smile […] More

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