How to Date a Rich Woman and Make Her Love You

Do you want to know how to date a rich woman? Well, first of all, rich is a relative term. Some people might ask rich compared to what? Compared to whom? But let’s say, for example, you’ve made this assumption and you’re sure that you’re right, that your net worth is substantially less than this woman that you want to date or perhaps are dating. Let’s just say that’s true.

You don’t know just because you’re making some assumptions that this woman has more money. What that means… You don’t know what their money issues are. You think you have money issues, everybody has money issues.

You don’t know if this person is generous with their family or with charities, or if they’re a cheapskate.

Maybe they’re spendthrift.

You really don’t know, you’ve just given them the label “rich person”.

So how do you date a rich woman, a woman you think has more money than you?