Communication In A Relationship: How to Keep it Going

Poor communication in a relationship can have disastrous consequences not only on the longevity of a relationship but also on the self-esteem and happiness of each partner.

All couples experience moments of disagreement on different aspects of life. The contrary would be unhealthy and could imply a certain amount of subordination, a fear of speaking your mind, or a fear of the relationship ending. Knowing how to communicate well makes it possible to discuss, exchange opinions, and argue calmly and without accusation.

When there’s a lack of good communication in a relationship, the expectations and needs of each partner are often ignored. The partners may then feel misunderstood and may gradually drift apart. The love felt at the start of the relationship will slowly give way to dissatisfaction and accumulation of conflicts. This can easily lead to the break-up of the relationship.

Therefore, good communication in a relationship is necessary to keep it going and enjoyable for both partners.

The basics of good communication

The goal of good communication in a relationship is to be able to express oneself freely while respecting the other. Always wanting to be right is by no means a positive attitude. It is also not very constructive and very harmful to the health of a couple.

Using “I” rather than “you” allows you to emphasize feelings rather than blame. For example, it is better to say “I feel left out…” or “I have the impression that…” rather than “You leave me…” or “You are not present enough.”

It is important to make each other aware that it is normal to have differences in opinion, feelings, thoughts, etc. Both partners have to accept this fact. Differences in opinion are normal and sometimes even desirable. The source of a conflict is often not in a difference of opinion, but in the way it is expressed.

An understanding of everyone’s needs

It is not always easy for some people to express their expectations and needs. However, it is necessary to do this in a clear and precise manner so that your partner can understand them well. The same goes for the needs of the other. During communication in a relationship, you can ask your partner questions. This will help them express themselves and understand each other better. This is a good way to avoid certain conflicts and to better understand each other.

How to communicate in a relationship effectively

Below are a few tips to improve communication in a relationship:

1. Listening and respecting others

To avoid escalating conflicts when there’s a disagreement, ensure to discuss issues with respect and accept that differences in opinion are normal. There is no point in blaming or trying to change someone else’s opinion. It’s better to show empathy and understanding during communication in a relationship.

Good communication in a relationship is also based on active listening to fully understand what your partner is trying to say. To ensure complete understanding, take the time to repeat what your partner is saying. For example, beginning a sentence with “If I understood correctly…” or “I understand that…” can sometimes defuse a potentially conflicting situation.

It is also advisable to always listen until the end to what your partner says and then check whether you understand everything correctly.

2. Attitudes that promote good communication in a relationship

Delicacy, open-mindedness, and patience are winning attitudes when it comes to expressing disagreement about important situations. This prevents being on the defensive, getting carried away unnecessarily, or becoming angry. Humor is also a very useful tool that relaxes the atmosphere and contributes to harmonious exchanges.

3. Be honest with yourself and with others

Transparency is, of course, another very important element to consider to maintain good communication in a relationship. Being honest with yourself and with others allows you to express your true desires and feelings. No need to lie or make up stories. In a relationship, it is better to be honest. Unexpressed needs or frustrations hidden for too long will surface sooner or later.

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Communication in a relationship quotes

Below are quotes about communication in a relation:

Nonviolent communication is the language and interactions that strengthen our ability to give kindly and inspire others to do the same. – Marshall Rosenberg

The purpose of communication is to be understood, although there are those who prefer not to understand themselves. – Augusto Branco

Through communication or exchange, one obtains human wisdom. Through meditation and prayer, one gains superior wisdom. DJONDO JEAN MEDARD

The lie disturbs the communication between two hearts. – Geralrine De Miyalou

It is the quality of verbal and non-verbal communication that will nurture love, amplify dreams, and give desires their power and magnitude. – Jacques Salome

The quality of our communication is determined not by how we say things, but by how they are understood. – Andrew Grove

Communication is a difficult science. It’s not an exact science. It is learned and it is cultivated. – Jean-Luc Lagardere

Communication, like war, is a simple art, and all about execution. – Luc Ferry

Good communication is as energizing as a cup of coffee, and just as sleepy afterward. – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

In the world of hyper-communication, communication between humans is reduced to almost nothing. – Francois Bayrou

Communication is rarer than happiness and more fragile than beauty. – Emmanuel Mounier

In communication, familiarity breeds apathy. –  William Bernbach

In communication, the most complicated thing is neither the message nor the technique, but the receiver. – Dominique Wolton

Friendship thrives on communication. – Michel de Montaigne

Today’s communication comes from the guts, not the neurons. – Jacques Seguela

There is more intense communication in the immediate exchange based on generosity than in the immediate enjoyment. – George Bataille

Facial expression is Human’s most sincere communication. – Taha-Hassine FERHAT

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Despite the disagreements, you must maintain the emotional bond between you and your partner and continue to show your connection to each other. You have to keep in mind that being in a relationship is to love and support each other. A romantic relationship must remain positive and allow everyone to flourish.