Relationship Counseling – What’s in it for you?

Relationship counseling, also called couples counseling or couples therapy as it’s sometimes called or even relationship therapy is a very amazing phenomenon.

The idea of relationship counseling is that you can come with your partner and both of you can look at the issues in your relationship and get some help in sorting out anything difficult for you.

Relationship Counseling – Is counseling right for me?

So which kind of couples can come to couples therapy? Well, the answer is any couple. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for 2 weeks or 60 years.

Even if you’re a very young couple or in your 80s you can still benefit from relationship counseling or couples therapy. It is never too early or late to go for therapy for relationship issues and it’s open to all. It’s a very exciting way to enhance your relationship.

If you’re wondering if you need couples therapy, chances are that you have some issues in your relationship that could be resolved by a relationship therapist or relationship psychologist. So consider getting help from a relationship therapist near you.

Relationship Counseling – When should I seek help?

Some couples go for relationship counseling occasionally. Other couples who are doing quite well may want to even do better.

  • Perhaps, they want to learn how to communicate better, how not to have arguments, how to be more intimate with one another, and so on.
  • Some couples go for relationship counseling because they have some real problems and they need therapy for the relationship issues. Relationship issues can be so varied.
  • It could be that their communication is really difficult. Maybe they just aren’t good at listening to each another or they get into arguments a lot. Of course, all couples do argue but having lots of arguments is not a good thing. It’s quite destructive to the relationship.
  • Another reason couples go for relationship counseling could be that they find out their intimacy has gone out the window. This is very common by the way, especially after having children. It’s very difficult sometimes to keep hold of your relationship. When you have children around, it’s all about family and couples can easily lose that special togetherness, which is so important to them.

Individual therapy for relationship issues

I want to say something here about individual therapy for relationship issues and couples. Sometimes, many couples are confused or unsure whether they should each go and see a relationship therapist for individual relationship counseling or whether it’s best to go together to see a couple’s counselor.

I think it doesn’t matter too much because if you’re in a relationship, then it’s good to look at the relationship. Don’t forget that a couple is made up of two individuals. So we will also be talking about aspects of each of you that affect the relationship.

For example, one of you might have a lot of anxiety or one of you might get quite depressed. Well, that’s going to affect the relationship. So it’s very useful to look at these things together and work out how to manage them. So the session would be focused on therapy for relationship anxiety for one partner and anxiety for the other, to achieve a mutual benefit.

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Common reasons people go for couples therapy

Couples go for couples therapy or relationship counseling for various reasons. If you feel like your relationship to stress is abnormal, know that a lot of time couples tend to have very similar experiences. While it’s very distressing and very overwhelming and some details might be unique, many couples face the same problem. So that’s important for many couples to know that they’re not alone.

  1. Communication

Communication difficulties are the most common reason that couples for couples counseling or couples therapy. Many couples complain that they just can’t even talk anymore. It feels like everything they talked about somehow results in an argument, results in them not connecting, or they’re not fighting but just not communicating about anything.

That can feel so distressing, but a lot of the time, it looks like it’s a communication difficulty. Usually, it’s not that they’re not effective in using words or not able to communicate with so many other people in their lives.

The reason is that there is a level of emotional disconnection and hurt that makes communication so difficult and confusing. So a couple will feel like they’re fighting about dishes in the sink or it feels like they’re fighting about money when it’s about deeper needs.

Such as a feeling like a partner feels like they don’t matter to you and they are feeling hopeless. When they lean on you, you’re not there for them.

  1. Stress

Sometimes, couples go for relationship counseling when there’s a bit of distress and they want to proactively work on it. However, a lot of couples go for couples therapy or counseling because they are contemplating whether to stay married or not.

One person will say they’re not ready to give up or they’re not ready for this to be over. Potentially for the other partner to say they don’t feel like they’re in this. So a lot of times, they are like well if we can’t come to the same goals, then what are we going to do?

In this case, the couples can go for relationship counseling so that a relationship therapist can help them figure out if the relationship is done. This is a clarifying process. The relationship therapist can help the couples see if the relationship can heal. From the couples therapy session, they can see things that clarify and create a sense of closure potentially for a relationship that isn’t going to ultimately continue.

If you’re with someone who’s already saying that they’re out, that doesn’t mean that that’s not a common reason to go in for couples therapy or relationship counseling.

  1. In-laws

One of the other common reasons couples go for relationship counseling is that they’ve been fighting about in-laws for years. It’s been the same problem and the same thing over and over and over again.

Some of these gridlock types of arguments can be difficult. However, I can tell you that relationship therapists can hear each other differently in couples counseling and can see a different perspective.

Those are probably the most common reasons why people come in for couples therapy or relationship counseling.

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Relationship Counselling – Where can I find a counselor?

An easy way to find a relationship therapist near you is simply doing a Google search. You could search these phrases: relationship counseling near me, relationship therapist near me, and relationship psychologist near me.

You could also try search these phrases: best relationship therapist near me, and best relationship counselor near me.

Ensure to read reviews before deciding on a relationship therapist you want to work with for the best experience.

If you have any questions about these you can always leave those in the comments below.