Dating a Young Pretty Girl! Tips to Make Her Want You More

Not every guy is lucky enough to come across the young beautiful girl of his dreams every day – or even in his lifetime. While some have what it takes to stake their claim once they get the chance. So many others find it difficult to even declare their intentions.

Tips for Dating a Pretty Girl

For those guys who have a hard time with a beautiful girl they like, below are a few tips to help you date that young pretty girl you have always wished were yours.

Be Confident

There is no better way to ensure that a girl stays hooked on you than being confident.

Let’s face it. Most of these girls are used to being the center of attraction wherever they go. So they must have been approached several times by their countless admirers. Therefore, she wouldn’t waste time listening to whatever you have to say if you sound unsure of yourself.

Appearing confident when approaching a young pretty girl ensures you get the needed attention. Trust me, girls can almost immediately tell if you’re confident or not. This can make or break your chances with her.

Here are a few tips to portray confidence:

  • Make eye contact with her while you speak
  • Only say things you are sure of
  • Ensure not to speak too fast or slow.

Not doing those things above could only indicate that you have come unprepared.

While you must look confident, you should take care to ensure that you do not appear arrogant. This could easily be a turn-off for most girls.

Stay in Touch

Among several other ways of showing that young pretty girl how much she means to you, nothing compares to keeping in touch. Call and text her, but not too frequently to avoid appearing desperate.

Also, stay in touch using every social media channel available to both of you. Besides letting you stay in touch, these channels could also provide you with useful information about her interests.

Mind Your Appearance

Appearing shabby or unkempt is one of the easiest ways to get any lady to lose interest in you. But, you don’t want that, do you?

You don’t need to undergo plastic surgery, or even break the bank to look nice.

There are simple tips that you could use to improve your appearance. These include:

  • Ensure to cut your hair neatly, carving the borders to ensure that they frame your face beautifully.
  • Shave your beards low, or groom them carefully if you would rather not shave them.
  • Dress smartly, and try not to repeat the same outfit to your next outing.
  • Use a good perfume to ensure that you smell nice and fresh always.

Think about it. You probably find that girl very attractive due to the amount of effort she puts into making sure she always looks good. Why shouldn’t you do the same?

Show Her Off

How else do you let a girl know how pretty she is besides showing her off? These girls put in a lot of effort to look attractive. And they have probably been approached more times than they can remember. So they know how pretty they are, but it won’t hurt to still make them feel pretty.

They might not admit this to you, but they secretly desire to be the center of attraction – ALL THE TIME. So, how do you achieve this?

  • Take her out more often!
  • You could take her to parties, dinner, the cinema, or to watch your favorite team play.
  • Take her along with you to public gatherings more often.

And while you are there, introduce her as ‘your girl’ to everyone you meet.

By taking her out more often, you will make her believe that you are comfortable appearing in public with her. This will in turn make it easier for you to convince her of your intentions.

Throw in Some Surprises

Nothing bores an attractive girl as a predictable guy. Put more frankly, everyone loves the occasional surprise.

Besides surprising her on her birthday – which she is probably used to, you could surprise her with simple gestures.

In addition to the ever-popular flower bouquets, you could easily:

  • Order some lunch for her while she’s at work,
  • Simply drop by at her workplace to pick her up after closing
  • You could also prepare a special dinner or take her out on an instant date.
  • And if you can afford it, you could also arrange a weekend getaway far away from town.

Besides adding a little spice to your relationship, these little surprises also go a long way in showing her that you are equally thoughtful and considerate.

Compliment Her Often

There’s no point in just taking note of how awesome she looks if you don’t tell her yourself.

So many girls spend a lot of their time worrying about how they look. It doesn’t get any better if the guy they are dating appears not to notice how they look. Trust me, it really sucks.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Pay close attention whenever you meet.
  • Observe any new feature on her, which could be a new outfit, a new hairstyle, or even a new body size.
  • Make sure you point it out to her and then tell her how great they look on her.

It’s that simple!

If possible, compliment her in front of other girls too. Girls are highly envious of each other’s looks. So, she’ll appreciate your compliments better.

Remember, the aim is to make her feel better. So your remarks should be honest rather than trying to flatter her.

Don’t Appear Desperate

This should be at the top of your list but it’s nice you found your way here.

We understand that you could get so attracted to a beautiful girl. To the extent that you are willing to do anything – ANYTHING – just to be with her. We get the feeling. But, it’s best not to show it.

Showing any girl that you are some goofy-eyed kid who is hopelessly in love with her will do you more harm than you think.

So how do you avoid that?

  • Carry yourself with respect, and never let her believe your world revolves around her.
  • While you must stay in touch with her, it is equally important that you give her some space. Hanging around her all the time is a no-no.
  • Calling at odd hours, or chatting always could easily make her believe that you have nothing serious to do with your life.

In conclusion, dating the beautiful girl of your dreams isn’t rocket science.

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Whatever your experience might be, you could easily get started with the tips we have shared.

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