Dating Tips For Men – 6 Tips For Successful Dating

Dating can be a minefield and this is what every man knows, hence these dating tips for men. There are several things you can and cannot do, and even a date can be screwed up by the tiniest of mishaps. Also, with the introduction of online dating, there are now more things you need to put into consideration.

Therefore, providing dating tips for men can be helpful when things get too confusing or complicated. Socialization and relationships are already inherently complicated, especially when you want to bond with that special person.

This post offers dating tips for men who want to be better prepared. Highlighted below are dating tips for men derived from expert advice and opinions, scientific facts, and general decency. Keep on reading gentlemen!

1. Meet people in real life and online too

You’re likely more inclined to meet people in person instead of delving into the unknown world of dating apps if you belong to the older generation. However, if you belong to the younger generation, the thought of starting up a physical conversation with a stranger can be downright scary.

In reality, the best way to meet someone is by combining both meeting people in real life and online. Sign up for some online dating services, and make an effort to be social and meet people in real life at the same time.

If you don’t like talking to strangers in a bar, try starting a new activity based on your hobby or passion like joining a book club or an exercise class. You need to train yourself to be comfortable with people in real life.

2. Avoid overthinking your flirting technique

A great tip when talking to a new person (online or physically) is to imagine that you’re having a conversation with a friend or family member; this takes away tension, allows you to relax and be yourself.

Also, make an effort to maintain good eye contact and smile when meeting people in real life. Listen carefully when they speak and interact with their stories by contributing similar narratives.

You can choose to be tactile while flirting, however, don’t overdo it. A gentle touch on a lady’s shoulder or hand is fine now and then, but anything more than that might unsettle them.

Lastly, remember the golden rule: If they politely withdraw from the conversation or tell you they’re not interested, don’t chase them.

3. Create a good impression on your first date

When it comes to the first date, first impressions are essential. The first and easiest step to making a good impression is to look good and attractive. So take the time to perfect your appearance before you go on that date.

Take a shower, spend some time to fine-tune your hair, and wear something spotless (and preferably freshly ironed).

When it comes to first date outfits, there is no specific rule. However, you can hardly go wrong with a white shirt, dark sweater, and fancy jeans or pants.

Aside from your appearance, creating a good first impression is about being confident, relaxed, and sociable. Trust is not always easy to earn, and if you find it difficult, fake it until you make it!

4. Shun constant checking of your phone

Nowadays, it’s very common to rely too much on your phone, but scrolling and reading messages all the time is a big no-no on a date.

Using a phone on a date makes you less equipped for social situations, and also signals to the other person that you’re not giving them full attention.

Immediately you arrive at the dating venue, put your phone on silent mode and put it away. After all, the date is only going to take a couple of hours, not forever.

If you leave it on the table, even if it is upside down, it’s still within your grasp, and you may be tempted to always want to check it.

5. Don’t come too strong

Finding the perfect balance on a first date can be tricky. You want to appear confident but not arrogant, polite but not old-fashioned, and interested but not nosy. When it comes to showing romantic interest in your date, a balance must be struck too.

Even if you’ve already heard the wedding bells ringing in your ears, don’t assume your date will feel the same way.

Never be afraid to give a few compliments and tell your date you had a great time, however, don’t overdo it. Ask for a second date if you want to see her again, but don’t be pushy if she hesitates or just says no because it can piss her off.

6. Brief your friends about the date

One of the best things you can do after the date is to chat with a trusted friend or two, whether it went well or not, etc. If the date went well, you can discuss it with your friends concerning the next step to take.

Get tips on how to write the perfect follow-up text from them. What if the date didn’t go the way you want? They’re in the best position to cheer you up.

This post will also help know the type of girls not to date. It will save you a lot of time and resources. And ask women these 10 questions on your dates to keep the conversation going.

As complicated as dating seems nowadays, there’s an easy way out. So do not worry. If you follow these dating tips for me, you’ll be increasing your dating success rate.