8 Things Not To Do In The Early Stages Of Dating

Dating can be very nostalgic. For those who love to be single, this is something that can be considered an advantage. You often think of dating as something to do when you want to meet new people or find your true love. But if you’re not as lucky as a single person, you tend to see it as a drag.

It is also difficult sometimes to see someone that wants to spend their life with you. When you eventually find that special person, you may be pushing yourself too hard. When it comes to dating, it is something you definitely should NOT do, especially in the early days. That’s not all. There are many things you should never do if you want everything in the early stages of dating to go well.

If you’re eventually ready to date and you want things to go smoothly the way you desire, you’ve come to the right place. Here are what to do and what not to do when you are in the early stages of dating.

1. Talking about your ex

I hope you knew by now that no one wants to hear about the little fights you and your ex used to have, particularly not on the first date with that person.

The ex-factor will never be the key to seduction; your dramatic breakups aren’t flirtatious jokes, use your head.

2. Talking about your date on social media

As tempting as it may be to find out things about your new lover like where he or she went to school, college, and/or their first work experience, there’s no point in bothering the person on social media before meeting him or her physically.

In this era of “FAKE NEWS”, much of what you find online could be fake and can cause a great deal of misunderstanding before you even meet your date in person.

3. Don’t play the “waiting game”

For the people that are not familiar with this particular common modern dating trope, “the waiting game,” it refers to the tedious process of (you guessed it) waiting to reply to a text message or social media message so they think that you are too busy /important/cool to reply them immediately.

Of course, some of these things could be you, but don’t let the fear of being “too eager” stop you from replying to a message when you deem fit.

4. Revealing too much about you

While being yourself on a date is very important, especially in the early stages, revealing your entire life story too soon can be a bit off.

Not only does this mean that you are narcissistic and can’t help but talk about yourself, it can be a bit overwhelming for some people too.

Divulge things slowly as you get to know each other better with more dates. In this way, the information you share is presented organically.

5. Don’t have a strict checklist

You know the type of traits you’re looking for in a person, but for the love of God, don’t go all out asking them to describe their political ideologies or if they have a family history of diabetes and other diseases.

The best thing to do is have an open mind on any date because you never know what will happen.

6. Never communicating with your date on the phone

If you only communicate with your future date by text message, it can be very easy to misinterpret ignorance for innocence or sarcasm for cheekiness and vice versa.

To get a real feel of a person, the best thing to do is pick up the phone and talk to them, in addition to the usual smorgasbord of millennial communications of Instagram DMs, Snapchat, and Twitter DMs. Modern dating is nothing more than a great communication cocktail.

7. Looking too chic on the first date

Go casual on the first dates. Anything too primitive and decent can sound pretentious, not to mention raising the bar high enough for the subsequent dates.

Drop the originality and the fun to the date three or four when you’ve known a lot about each other.

Furthermore, don’t get too drunk because, under the influence of alcohol, you can make stupid decisions.

8. Talking too much

Not listening is the biggest mistake you can make on a date. Just talking about yourself and your “super interesting” life will only push your date further away, as it will make you seem self-centered. The best thing is to talk a little and allow your partner to share their feelings too.


While there are no definite rules when it comes to dating, these do’s and don’ts will help you navigate the dating waters easily. These basics should give you more confidence if you’re nervous about dating. Also, it will allow you to enjoy your dating.