Toxic Relationship Signs and How to Fix It

Toxic relationship signs let you know if you’re in a healthy or unhealthy relationship. There’s usually a thin line between these two.

You are probably enjoying your relationship. Maybe you’re letting the euphoria of the few highs you get to wash all over you.

However, you must keep your eyes peeled. You must remain on the lookout for any signs that could indicate that you are in a toxic relationship.

This is because even the signs that seem obvious to others might be difficult for you to identify.

However, you deserve better. You deserve to be respected. You need to enjoy the full extent of any relationship without any feelings of fear or doubt.

All your rights and freedom need to be recognized and respected regardless of whatever relationship you might be enjoying.

So what are toxic relationship signs you should look out for?

Toxic Relationship Signs You Must Not Ignore

Here are a few obvious signs of a toxic relationship that you must not ignore!

  1. They don’t involve you in decisions

If your partner rarely consults you when making decisions, then you could be in a toxic relationship.

Also, if your opinion is continually put down when making weighty decisions that could have a significant impact on your relationship, this could be a sign of a toxic relationship.

Sometimes, your partner may make it clear through their words or actions that they neither value nor respect your opinion. Once this happens, you don’t need any further indication that you are in a toxic relationship.

  1. They monitor your interactions

When every of your action is monitored or scrutinized by your partner, then you might probably be dealing with a control freak.

If your partner always wants to know where you are – or are heading to, who you’re seeing, what items you are shopping for, what persons you are following on social media, or how you are spending your money, you need to be careful.

You might excuse such actions for love and care. Trust me, you are dead wrong, and your life could be in possible danger. Do not ignore this toxic relationship sign for your safety.

  1. They violate your space

Having your own space is a sign of your independence. However, if the reverse is the case and you have a partner who constantly invades your space, you have reasons to feel concerned.

With such a partner, you’ll notice that you often experience feelings of fear, stress, and insecurity whenever they show up at your place uninvited. They may go through your belongings or use your belonging without your consent.

When your partner repeatedly intrudes on your personal space and continues to ignore every boundary you set, it could mean that you’re in a toxic relationship.

  1. They never say “sorry”

If your partners never apologize when they do wrong or hurt you, it’s a sign that you are certainly in a toxic relationship.

Unless your partners do not believe that your feelings matter too, they’ll always be careful not to hurt those feelings.

When they keep turning up late for appointments, forgetting dates, and missing special occasions, but expect you to just let things slide, then you need no other toxic relationship sign to know you’re with the wrong person.

Other toxic relationship signs include frequent lying, being compelled to make excuses in defensive of your partner, hostile communication, lack of trust, and more.

Ways to Fix Toxic Relationships

toxic relationship signs

Now that you know some of the toxic relationship signs to look out for, you might still feel reluctant about letting go.

You might have probably invested too much time and emotions, or you strongly believe in your partner’s capacity to change.

The truth is, it is possible to amend a toxic relationship in some cases, especially when each partner wants to make an effort to turn the situation around.

They have to commit to building a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship if it must continue.

If possible, they must meet with a counselor who can help them trash out the issues in the relationship.

Here are a few ways you can fix a toxic relationship.

  1. Set clear boundaries

Be very clear about your personal boundaries and the things you are willing to tolerate.

Leave no room for assumptions, and stand your ground whenever your toxic partner tries to violate these boundaries.

  1. Speak up

Don’t be afraid to make sensible demands from your partner, or let them know what you think about their actions.

Toxic partners always assume silence for assent. If left unopposed, this encourages them to further their abuse.

If you notice any toxic relationship sign in your partner, let them know it is unacceptable. You must ensure they put a stop to it.

  1. Take a break

Finally, if it seems like you’ve exhausted your options to make things work. If you have no fruitful result, give the toxic relationship a break.

Stepping out of a toxic relationship will put you in a better position to assess what might be wrong in the relationship. This will also give you time to heal or better reassess your relationship life and help you date with a purpose.

It will also send a strong signal to your toxic partner that you are not afraid of pulling the plug if they don’t change.


If you sense some toxic relationship signs in your partner, it is okay to try to simply want to fix the relationship. However, your reason for staying must not be the fear of being single.

If your partner refuses to work on the relationship and continues to exhibit the toxic relationship signs. If they try to belittle you or become abusive, then it is time to leave the relationship.