OurTime Review – All You Need to Know About OurTime

You may feel like the online dating sites of today are exclusively for young folks. Contrarily, the older folks are dominating the dating community because they’ve got their share of love to give out too.

Thankfully, the digital age of today recognizes the needs of the elderlies in the world of dating and as a result, there are several dating sites that seniors can explore.

However, only a few dating sites are bringing all they have to the table, and OurTime is one of the high-quality senior dating platforms you can trust.

OurTime: Features

Match System

  • OurTime is an online dating platform that gives users the option to fill out their personal information at their convenience.
  • Unlike other dating websites, the OurTime dating platform provides detailed step-by-step guides during the sign-up stage to make it easier for users to join the platform.
  • The platform allows users to look up matches based on their unique preferences.
  • OurTime recommends users that match your criteria.

Other Features

  • Send and receive messages from people within the OurTime community in real-time.
  • Call members and send text messages using a private number.
  • Get exclusive access to customize your profile by uploading images, gifs, and many more to your dating profile, making it exciting.

Convenience of Use

Among the many dating websites, OurTime stands out as one of the most easy-to-use dating platforms.

With OurTime, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or software-literate to be able to use the platform to mingle with like minds.

There are several drop-down menus, sections, and walk-through guides on the dating site that will help any newbie figure out how everything works in no time.

On the OurTime site, a user gets access to filters for Basic Search. These filters display location, gender, and relationship types.

Safety Features

OurTime dating site has been completely redesigned to fit into the demands of present-day dating websites. When you join the platform, you don’t have to worry about scammers accessing vulnerable site members.

The senior dating site comes on board with an automatic profile verification process that scans the email addresses and ZIP codes of new members after they submit their details.

Members of the senior online dating community are also allowed to report questionable activities and let the site operators know why they want a member’s dating profile deleted. All they need to do is search for the dating profile of the member and click the “Report A Concern” icon.

Although the senior dating site does not do background checks on its members, the site reviews all dating profiles with their images to ensure each profile suits the dating preferences of seniors.

Shady profiles and photos are immediately flagged as inappropriate by the dating platform and deleted.

Dating Profile Set-up

OurTime lets you view your profile and make whatever changes you deem fit whenever you feel like it.

In just 15 minutes or less, you can set up a Basic OurTime account and finish every section with the walk-through guides on the platform.

How you fill in your dating profile is entirely up to you. Your information could be as succinct or detailed as you desire.

However, don’t forget to write something in your dating history, background, and life sections. Doing such would help you look more trustworthy in the eyes of other members.

OurTime: A Sure Companion For The Older Folks

ourtime review

The senior dating site was expertly designed to serve single folks in their 50s, 60s, and older.

Even though serving elderlies is the core of the OurTime membership base, the dating site does not restrict the younger folks from using it.

Hence, it is not strange to see someone in their 30s or 40s using the dating site. OurTime dating site has provided a free dating environment for both young and old.

Superb Features Designed To Enhance Real-time Matching

In recent years, the world has witnessed an increase in dating among elderlies. You would find that many people in the 50s and 60s age category are very active and open to new relationships.

OurTime has a real-time matching feature that provides daily matches that members can see and rate from the comfort of their phones and tablets. You can like or pass profiles in the Matches Section. It all depends on your preferences.

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An Easy-access Premier Dating App For Elderlies

You can search for more personalized matches on the OurTime dating site. Since the dating site began as an old-school online dating platform for mature and single folks, it has broadened its range recently.

Presently, OurTime has launched a dating app that comes on board with the same features and options as the dating site, but with a more easy-to-use and customizable interface.

A Cost-effective Dating App

You and your credit card will stay happy with OurTime because the dating hub is free-to-all.

You don’t need to pay a signup fee to be a member of OurTime and browse the dating site or application.

Just sign up as a free member, complete your profile, and scroll to the “Reply For Free” tab in your messages.

As a free member, you can complete your profile, view members’ profiles, upload pictures, check out the event calendar and send likes without spending a dime.

However, if you want to send messages to anyone you like anytime you feel like it, you have to sign up for a paid membership.

Signing up as a paid member gives you a paywall that protects you from scams, spams, and suspicious users.

This way, anyone who reaches out to you can be regarded as an authentic member of the dating platform.

Date Based On Your Preferences

Discover profiles of men or women and customize your search preferences to filter the specific type of dates that suit or exceed your standards.

Seniors can find specific matches on OurTime as the dating community ensures people input their age requirements for members starting from the signup process.

The dating site or app also makes top-notch search tools and daily matches available to members to make increase their chances of finding their perfect match.

For example, you can search for a member with specific qualities – a Caucasian without any kids, a Christian who’s had a relationship in the past, a writer, or someone who identifies as a traveler.

With all the terrific provisions in the OurTime dating community, you can find the perfect first date in no time.

A World of Romantic Possibilities for the Older Folks


It is normal for singles in their 50s to think their dating days are over. Persons in this category may feel like they are not attractive as they used to be when they were younger or that their flirtation tactics are outdated.

On the contrary, the senior online dating community is loaded with mature members looking for like-minded people in the same age group to mingle with.

OurTime opens a world of romantic possibilities for seniors with its dating app and website.

OurTime Respects Your Privacy

OurTime cares about members’ privacy, and as a result, the site makes all the necessary provisions to protect the stories and secrets of members upon the creation of their accounts.

When creating your account, you don’t have to disclose any sensitive information because the platform respects your privacy. All you are required to provide is your name, gender, Zip code, the gender you want to date, and your email address.

Any other information besides the aforementioned is extra.

A High-ranking Dating App

OurTime dating app is top-notch and it’s in high demand in the dating community because it doesn’t end with the “Basic Search”.

The site also gives senior singles access to the “Advanced Search” option.

The “Advanced Search” option on the OurTime dating website allows users to filter and select their dating preferences.

With the “Advanced Search” option, you can add elements such as; background, interests, religion, education, appearance, etc, to your dating preferences/criteria.

The fun doesn’t end there!

OurTime gives users the option to view only those profiles that have images in them, save them as favorites, and send a virtual flirt.

This way, old folks can notice someone they are attracted to and make the first move without hassles.

A Reliable Customer Service Team At Your Service

There’s nothing better than having people to talk to when you have problems. The OurTime dating app has made provision for reliable customer service that resolves any issues its members might be having.

The customer service team is eagerly waiting to hear your complaints and tackle any problems you may have.

The Reviews For OurTime Are Heart-warming

OurTime dating site knows that compatibility is a prime factor in the success of any relationship. As a result, when the OurTime algorithm notices a dating profile that fits your preferences, it immediately notifies you in the “Matches” section.

This one feature that most members find very interesting and has won so many hearts.

The success stories from users of OurTime are very positive. We have had users swear by the effectiveness of OurTime that the dating site provided them with the perfect match and they are currently happily married with their partners.

Others attest to finding genuine friends and making long-lasting relationships with the OurTime dating site.

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Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • If you wish to know if the person you’re attracted to likes you without making the first move, you only need to click the “Match Me” button. When you do this, you automatically get a spot in their daily matches, and the app lets you know if they feel the same way about you.
  • The “Calendar” and “Events” pages of the OurTime dating app and site don’t care whether you are online or offline. You get access to a list of real-time events that can serve as good chat time and fun dates.
  • Besides creating new life experiences with people that match your dating criteria, you enjoy free access to expert dating advice, relationship articles, and flirting guides when you sign up with OurTime.

The Cons

The only thing I can think of here is the fact that the paid membership feature of the dating site and app may keep genuine romantic interests from connecting online. This could also be an advantage because it’s a way of keeping unserious people from accessing certain features and protecting more members.


The pursuit of love in this digital age can make anyone anxious. Luckily, there isn’t much to worry about with the OurTime dating site.

Make meaningful connections in the OurTime dating community.

Check Out OurTime Today

Patronize a senior dating site that ensures it meets the needs of its members. Get daily matches that suit your preferences.