5 Foolproof Signs That You Are In A Karmic Relationship

Some of us enjoy the many thrills and feelings that come with being in a relationship. Making it very easy for us to remain in a karmic relationship without knowing it.

Most times, people ignore the obvious signs that tell them that they are in a karmic relationship. They make excuses for their partner. Choosing to focus more on the small wins they can record.

However, when you remain in a karmic relationship, you shortchange yourself. Not only that, you put yourself at serious risks.

Therefore, you must put an end to karmic relationships as soon as they become obvious.

Before we look at the signs of karmic relationships, it is important to know this type of relationship.

What are Karmic Relationships?

This kind of relationship derives its name from Karma. Karmic relationships are relationships that result from past interactions or agreements that may have transpired in a previous life (or another spirit realm) between two souls.

Karmic relationships challenge our mantras and beliefs. They continually push us to the very edge. In addition, they teach us valuable lessons we have failed to learn from our past experiences.

This type of relationship is often passionate and wild at the onset. Karmic relationships end up wearing out the partners involved. This is usually because they enter into the relationships to clear up any unfinished business they might have had in their past lives. Therefore, karmic relationships are short-lived.

Karmic Relationships vs Twin flame

Many people mistake a karmic relationship for a twin flame. This is a result of the similar characteristics that exist between karmic relationships and twin flames.

However, these two are not the same. Karmic relationships are more about shaping and changing your core values. On the other hand, twin flames help you grow.

Unlike karmic relationships that are meant to teach you lessons you might have missed, twin flames are your destined soulmate (your exact better half).

What are the Signs You Must Look out for?

Identifying a karmic relationship is complicated, especially when you’re engrossed in one.

However, some signs or red flags may indicate you’re in a karmic relationship. Some of them include.

  • You Have Repeated Cycles

The first thing you will notice about karmic relationships is that they follow a pattern.

Many partners in karmic relationships are usually incompatible. Therefore, they are bound to have a frequent clash over the same issues.

You might notice that you keep having the same problems with your partner. Also, it might look like all you do seems to be some kind of Déjà vu. This might be a sign that you are in a karmic relationship.

  • It Drains Your Energy

Besides the frequent fights, you can always feel the anxiety and the air of uncertainty hanging over karmic relationships.

Therefore, people in karmic relationships are more often left feeling drained and tired.

Karmic relationships usually don’t last long. So it takes a lot of energy from the parties involved as they struggle to make it work. This continues until they become exhausted.

  • Over-dependence

Partners in a karmic relationship usually feel an instant connection. This makes them become too trusting and compromise their boundaries.

So they begin to seek the permission and involvement of their partners in even the smallest issues.

Once you are in a karmic relationship, you gradually give up your independence and begin to crave the validation of your partner.

  • Lots of Toxicity

This is usually fuelled by the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety that karmic relationships generate. The partners tend to exhibit unhealthy habits, such as envy, possessiveness, and dominance.

They exhibit these habits in a bid to put a grip on their partners since they are afraid of letting the relationship end.

  • Feeling Infatuated

Partners in a karmic relationship feel an instant attraction for each other. So, the strength of their newfound love usually overwhelms them.

Remember, turbulent passions are one of the features of karmic relationships. This could make those involved continually desire their partner’s presence and affection.


Karmic relationships often leave you with turbulent passions you might be unwilling to let go of. So you might find yourself constantly renewing the relationship after several breakups.

However, once you realize that you’re in a karmic relationship, you must let go to avoid wasting too much of your time. This will help you find true love, date with a purpose, and enjoy other healthier and long-lasting relationships.