Signs He Loves Himself More Than You

So you met this great guy and everything was going well, but it seems to be obsessed with himself. Now you’re wondering if he loves himself more than you. If you’re in this position, we’re going to clear your doubt and help you identify signs to know if he loves himself more than you.

If a narcissistic guy was just a talker who never stops talking about himself, it would be easy to avoid; because we get bored easily. But an egocentric man is full of surprises, he is fun and exciting, as well as aggressive and manipulative.

Narcissists are charming, seductive, mostly attractive, and seem to move in a cloud of admirers. But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. Behind their apparent charisma, they have traits of selfishness and aggression.

Men who are in love with themselves are good at romance. They exude this charm that can make any woman fall for them. A perfect dress sense, nicely done hair, and flamboyant. They can make a woman fall in love without her even knowing, but they can’t keep the relationship because they just love themselves too much.

It’s not so hard to identify such guys, there are always glaring signs he loves himself more than you.

6 Glaring Signs He Loves Himself More Than You

You may be dating a guy who loves you and still feel that he loves himself more than you. Here are glaring signs to know he loves himself more than you:

1. Bloated ego

From the ego perspective of a narcissist, you can find that he has high esteem, apparently excessive feelings of grandeur.

He is more focused on himself and conviction about his importance than you. He thinks he is more striking and intelligent than you, and so should be admired and accorded a high level of importance.

He will usually get angry if you think otherwise or try to see through his superficial attitude.

2. He lacks empathy

A guy who loves himself more than you will hardly ask you about your day. Even when it’s obvious that you started your day on a bad note, he’ll never bother to ask about it.

Instead, he’ll be the one telling you about how his day was, and maybe if you’re lucky, he can ask you a few random questions. If he lacks empathy, then that’s one of the signs he loves himself more than you.

3. He’s not a listener

In a conversation, he’ll talk more than he actually listens because he is too into himself. He’ll tend to wait for his turn to talk instead of actually listening to what you have to say.

If you’re sensitive enough, you can pick up on those vibes because his responses won’t match what you just said. If he’s always doing this, then your man loves himself more than you.

4. He gives gifts to feel good about himself

Another sign of a narcissistic man is when he gives you gifts to reaffirm how great he is.  This attitude is just like those who volunteer so that they can brag about how fantastic and compassionate they are.

Each time your narcissistic guy does something for you or gives you a gift, he’s actually doing the same thing. When he’s more excited about giving you a gift than you getting the gift, then there is a problem.

5. He appreciates his looks more than yours

If he appreciates his appearance more than yours, no doubt that he loves himself more than you. So you may often catch him several times in a day looking at the mirror, trying to admire his look.

He might often forget to compliment you. Anyways, he might not even remember at all since it’s hard to pull him out of the mirror.

6. He alienates others including you

Since he is so obsessed with himself, he manages to alienate everyone, including you. If he’s so into himself more than you, the woman in his life, then other people are just shut out of his life.

When you realize that he has no close friends and your friends stopped inviting both of you to parties because no one wants to be around him, this is one of the signs he loves himself more than you.

A guy who so much loves himself cannot keep a relationship not matter the effort you put into it, and this is not your fault. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, the best option is to find a matured and healthy man with the same intention. There are also signs to know if a man is ready for a serious relationship with you.


Is he overly generous in public, but cold and indifferent when alone with other people? Does he show hypersensitivity and insecurity when faced with criticisms? If yes, then these are all signs he loves himself more than you and that your man is a narcissist.