How To Survive The First Week Of A Break-Up

The end of a relationship is certainly a stressful situation for both partners, whether they have been together for just a week or a year. Whatever may be the reason for the breakup, the truth is that the “end” is not always easy.

Sometimes, the problem is that in the quest to overcome those loving feelings and move on, the partners involved in the relationship can easily fall into unhealthy behaviors, such as self-medication. In extreme cases, they can result in evasive solutions such as hard drugs or alcohol.

To avoid such harmful approaches just to survive a breakup, we’re suggesting some really simple strategies for dealing with the stress associated with a breakup in a healthy manner, especially in the first week.

Talk about it or write about it

A breakup involves a myriad of emotions such as anger, sadness, loneliness, and rejection, among others. Some people try to avoid or overlook them, but addressing them will help you move forward faster. If you have to cry, please do and try not to suppress your feelings as this can make you numb or fearful.

It is, therefore, important to write down your thoughts in a diary or have a talk with a therapist to help you process and clear your mind. This will help you understand why the relationship did not work out so that you can move forward as fast as possible.

Get active, but do not over-exercise

During physical activities, endorphins are released which are also called “happy hormones” or “feel-good hormones”. The function of this hormone is to stimulate and improve mood. A cardiovascular exercise can help you cope after a breakup. After a breakup, most people just want to sit, snuggle, mourn, tell friends and feel bad about it. This isn’t helpful in any way. So, get out and move.

In a bid to get active, try not to over-exercise as this could turn out to be a compulsive behavior. Try as much as possible to enjoy yourself and not make it look like a punishment.

Remember all the great things you have in your life after a breakup

After a breakup, the negative tends to prevail. Everything looks black as if covered by a cloud that obscures the positive things in life. And sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

You can do better by writing down everything you feel grateful for in a diary. At first, you may find it difficult, but as you continue writing, you will notice that your life is full of more positive than negative.

Do the things you like

A breakup can leave you wanting to do anything, even those things that you enjoyed before. This can help you reduce stress and, in turn, will make you feel good. You can have a cup of coffee with a friend, go to the spa, and go to the movies or a run marathon. Having a good laugh can also help you heal your wounds faster, both emotionally and physically.

Show kindness to others

Showing kindness to others by giving them a helping hand is a powerful way to re-channel the love that was previously put into the relationship that just ended. Do something to help others as this will give you a sense of empowerment, and at the same time open up your heart.

Breakup is can be hard, but there’s always a brighter future that you can only access if you decide to heal faster and move on.

How did you survive a breakup? Let us know in the comment section below.