How To Make Him Want You Back

So you want this guy, and you want him to want you. You came to this article to find out how to make him want you back. I’ll give you answers to what you seek.

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Now, I’m not going to lie to you ladies, articles like how to make him want you back make me feel some kind of way. I’ll explain better, but I’ll say from the beginning, I feel somehow about it.

This is because a lot of articles on how to make him want you back tend to try to teach ladies tricks and games to play to pique a man’s interest. That can become very problematic. The reason is in playing this game, a lot of times you end up playing yourself. It also means you’re trying to get a man that you want, but you don’t need and is not truly best for you.

So I want you to be mindful of that. You have to ask yourself, is this man best for you? Is this really what you need? Is this going to work in the long term – because jumping through all these and doing all these different things to make him want you back can end up with you becoming more hurt and damage.

First, I’d like to give you some tips that can increase your desirability to a man and can draw his attention more in a healthy way. To be honest, I don’t like the whole thing about playing games and tricks. However, I think there are things that we can tap into as individuals that help us achieve the results that we’re looking for.

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So let me give you some quick tips on how to make him want you back.

Find Your Confidence

The reality is that confidence looks good on everybody. Confidence is sexy. When you are a confident woman, you’re going to stand out more and be able to catch his interest more.

A confident woman conveys an understanding of her value to the man. When you’re confident, it’s like showing the world “I know I’m a good stuff. I know what I bring to the table” and it makes a man say well, “She’s so confident, I want a piece of that. I want to know what all this good stuff she got is”. I’m not talking about just sex, but everything about you as a woman.

It also applies to men. When you see a confident man, it makes you feel like, “Well, then what does he have, I might want some of that too.” It’s a natural occurrence. When someone exudes confidence, they become attractive to others.

So as a woman, you’ve got to find your confidence. If you are very insecure around this man.You don’t feel good about yourself. Or you’re not confident, that is going to backfire on you.

So if you lack confidence, find the areas that hinder it. Figure out what you can improve to help you feel more confident.

It might be finding the style that works with you. When I say style, I’m referring to your style of clothes. Some people can put on a particular outfit and discover it doesn’t feel good. That is, you don’t like the way you look in the mirror. If you don’t like the way you look, you won’t be confident. You can wear a different style of outfit and it feels great. Everyone’s different.

However, when you find that style that speaks to you and that you feel good in, you’re going to exude that confidence and positive energy.

So be confident. Find your confidence and be confident.

Exude that Positive and Feminine Energy

I’m going to lean more towards positivity here simply because depending on the man you want, femininity may or may not be as high of a priority. Again, as I said, you need to be mindful of who you think you want and if they’re best for you. If you’re searching for how to make him want you back because of what some people consider a high-value man or a man who’s very accomplished, he’s more likely to place more value on your feminine energy.

For example, if you’re young, and this guy is in high school, he may not even understand the whole feminine thing. Even though I would still argue it still helps in most cases, some guys may want a tough girl,  and I wouldn’t want you to try to be acting hard and tough. That’s not who you are.

This can vary depending on the type of guy you want and the phase you are in your life. So with that said, positive energy tends to still be, across the board, a desirable thing that at least catches a man’s attention and draws a man to you.

I will say that positivity and femininity are more likely to draw you a healthy man. So you have to find that within yourself. Find that happiness and joy because nobody wants to be around a miserable or negative person. That’s not what a typical person desires.

A woman doesn’t want all that negativity around her either. Why would a man?

So as a woman, tapping into that positivity is going to make you more desirable and make him want you back.

Showing and Expressing Interest

My third tip on how to make him want you back is important, so pay attention. So here’s something most women don’t take seriously. If you notice, the woman who was willing to flirt, compliment, show interest, can get a lot further with more guys. That showing of interest catches a man’s attention.

Men are so used to being the ones that have to show interest, pursue the woman, and in some cases, chase.

Since they’re so used to being in that position, and not having the woman always be expressive about her desire and interest. When a woman does that, it hits hard and grabs his attention.

There are a lot of men who like the women that like them. If there are other desirable things about her because simply liking him doesn’t guarantee you’re going to get him, let’s just be honest here.

However, if he already sees you as desirable, and then you express interest in him, it doesn’t mean to pursue him, or ask him on a date. A simple compliment and learning how to flirt, and all of these things can pique his interest.

So showing interest and flirtation go hand in hand. These things are going to make him want you more because that makes them feel good.

That’s a very important thing to remember. The man truly wants the woman that makes him feel good when he’s with her, and the woman that knows how to tap into his desires.

We usually say “stroke his ego,” and many people put a negative meaning on that. Let’s be realistic. Everyone likes their ego stroked. Everyone likes to feel wanted and desired – both men and women. Therefore, once a man gets that from a woman, it is very powerful.

There are other things we can talk about on how to make him want you back, but I want to stay on a healthier approach to “making him want you.” So let’s focus on that making him want you.

The truth is, there has to be a level of desire in that man already for you. You can pique his interest and create a level of more desirability. However, I don’t want you thinking you can force it out of him.

I don’t want you to try to get a man who’s showing you he doesn’t want you. It’s one thing when maybe he’s holding back because he doesn’t know that you have an interest, and another if he’s shy, or whatever may be the case. But if that guy is already dismissing you and not showing interest, I don’t want you to get caught up in this cat and mouse game of trying to get him to chase after you and want you.

The problem is, even if you succeed, it is typically going to be a momentary thing that isn’t sustainable. So yes, you may be able to switch the interests of a man who has been dismissing you or showing that he doesn’t want to be with you for various reasons.

But then after he gets you, will he be willing to pour into you? Will he be willing to have a healthy relationship with you or be serious with you? Does he want to build something with you?

So the important message I want to pass across is you have to focus on connection. You have to focus on not just who you want as a man but who you connect with. A man who has a mutual desire with you, or on the same page with you.

You should still embrace the positive energy, the showing, the desire, the being confident, all these things. You should be your best self so you can attract the man who is best for you. That’s the key!

It’s not about the man you want. Many women have gotten the man they want and still ended up miserable. They ended up in a dead-end relationship and marriage. It’s gone completely left because who they want wasn’t who they needed, and they didn’t have a true connection with who they wanted.

We have to start there. When we find that connection, everything else can fall into place. You won’t have to do any “tips and tricks” with the guy you have a real connection with. You will simply have to reciprocate his efforts.

Ensure to put your best foot forward and he has to ensure he puts his best foot forward too. Both of you will be able to flow together, love each other, pour into each other, and have an amazing relationship.

If he’s not that guy, you shouldn’t waste a second of your time and energy on this man who doesn’t belong in your life anyway. It won’t be for your good if you try to make things work with a man who does not align with you and who does not have a connection with you.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. Again, leave your comment below. Leave maybe some other tips that I may have not mentioned about how to make him want you back. Again, I want you to focus on connection and receiving and embracing the man who’s truly best for you.

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