The Annoying Things My Girlfriend Does

There are certain things that my girlfriend does that always annoy me even though I love her. Yes, I love making her laugh. I love her body and her smile. I love the way she dances and the way she walks, and the gracefulness she brings to even the most boring everyday chores. We smile when we are happy and I try to comfort her the best way I can when she’s not.

Despite all that, there are still some things she does that annoy me, and I am going to share them below.

Stealing my food

Yes, I know this one is minor, but it can sometimes get under my skin. I don’t like it when we go out and I make an order from the menu list, but my girlfriend says she’s not going to have anything. When my order arrives, I would be lucky to get even half of it.

She’s chronically late

This is one of those habits I can’t just figure, acting like she has the right to always be late whenever we have to go out. I mean, if she can get irritated whenever I show up late to pick her up, why can’t she know the value of punctuality?

She uses sex as a weapon

It’s pretty annoying when my girlfriend tries to use sex to manipulate me or use it as leverage. Sex is supposed to be enjoyed mutually, but when I start noticing patterns in our sex life like, “we can only have sex until I have done something really special for her or when she’s happy”, then this becomes a total piss off.

She can’t put her phone down for a moment

I understand that her friends and family are important to her. I understand that her phone is important to her too, and parting with it for a short moment can cause anxiety. Honestly, I wish she could understand that sometimes, face-to-face contact is more important than checking Facebook and Twitter feeds, especially when we are on a date. If she can take her eyes off the smart-phone, I can at least avoid the temptation to stare at the sexy waitress.

She expects me to read her mind

When I was asking her out, I never told her that I was Nostradamus, so I don’t understand why she expects me to always know what she’s thinking. Hey girl, I cannot tell when you are thirsty or hungry or read your mind to know where you would want to eat or which movie you would love to see without suggestions.

She says fine when she doesn’t look fine

I don’t know much about women, but there is one thing that I am always sure of, and that is whenever my girlfriend says “fine”, she is usually not fine and things have gone bad. This single word makes me fearful and agitated, because when she says that, it means things have gotten really bad, and the fact that I don’t know what it only makes things complicated.