Do I Really Need To Tell Him That He’s Simply A Rebound Fling?

You must have heard of some bad things about rebound relationships. You may have been involved in a few yourselves which ended badly. Rebounds relationships will always end badly when they start moving from the level of friends with benefits towards acting like real couples. There is no doubt about rebound flings having the potential for fun. There won’t be a need for any hassle as long as you handle them correctly.

Check if he’s a rebounding material

Well, I wouldn’t want to interfere with matters of the heart. But I must tell you this sincerely that you have to be honest about what you want from the rebound relationship from the onset. If you intend to get revenge on your ex-boyfriend.

If you are looking out for someone to have fun with from time to time, or you are just looking for a sex partner, then you must be honest with yourself and tell your rebound fling what you want. If he doesn’t accept it, then that means he wasn’t a rebound material in the first place and you just may have saved yourself from headaches that may have come later.

Set boundaries

Another thing to keep in mind is to set boundaries with your rebound fling and make sure you stick to them. If he ever tries to cross the boundaries, make sure you retrace the lines you drew in the beginning. Be careful if he tries freaking out when you can’t get in touch with him.

Especially, if he wants you to go meet his family or friends, or worse still if he is bringing up engagement or wedding talks. That does not mean that any of these is bad. But remember that he’s just a rebound fling, right? So concentrate on getting your fun and don’t let it start morphing into a real relationship.

Don’t neglect yourself

Although, we advised that you don’t get involved in any lovey-dovey crap while having a rebound fling. Don’t just start getting comfortable in the rebound relationship to the extent that you stop paying attention to your look, your goals, and how you present yourself.

Let me give you an instance, if you haven’t been in one yourself, you must have come across someone who has. It happens often in some relationships that either one or both of the partners in a relationship starts working out less, no longer dressing attractively, or probably no longer care about their goals. In essence, you shouldn’t walk this path by getting so comfortable with your rebound fling to the detriment of your look and goals.

Do you need to be reminded why? Alright! It is simply because he is not your boyfriend, and he is certainly not your husband. The only reason you are with him is just to have fun and probably get revenge on your ex.  The moment both of you start getting into a comfortable zone, you start paying less attention to your look. The fun may not necessarily have to stop, but the aim of the rebound will be defeated.