3 Types of Guys You Should Never Take Home From The Bars

It is an obvious fact that guys will run home with pretty much anything when they’re intoxicated. It is not so much because they are desperate, but simply because they are guys and it is their nature, coupled with the fact that they like sex. So it is not surprising that you don’t necessarily need to look like a Kim Kardashian to have a one night fling with a guy at the bar.

However, it is a different ball game when it comes to women. In as much as we sometimes want to have a raunchy round of sex, we have standards. We can’t go home with just anybody. There are certain kinds of guys we’ll never go home with. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but if you make this list you should probably be thinking of going celibate.

  1. The sweaty and smelly guy: the atmosphere in the bar could be a little bit stuffy, no doubt. Especially when there is so much dancing. Of course, many of us do like to dance when we go to the bar. But there is always some guy trying so hard to make a move in the middle of the dance floor, but everyone just seems to keep avoiding him. And when you take a closer look at him, you could see a dark stain spreading across his back, and thick perspiration rolling down his face. You could see him wiping his brow with his sleeve and trying to remove hair from his forehead. You may even be scared of going close to this guy, else some sweat fly from him and land on your face or in a worse scenario, your drink. This type of guy is not a take-home type.
  1. The guy making out with every girl at the bar: this dude is fun to watch from afar, but do not let him come closer else you’ll find his tongue in your mouth sooner than later. He appears slightly drunk, not discriminating when it comes to women, hence a make-out whore. This guy will probably give all your friends Herpes after licking their faces because he thinks it is cool and sexy. If he’s in the midst of ladies, you’ll recognize him by his flamboyant outfit. Maybe he is a “pick-up artiste” so you must not take him seriously.
  1. The older guy who shouldn’t be at the bar: this could be someone’s dad, a college professor, or just some creepy old fellow. You can never tell who he is. The fellow came to the bar with the hope of scoring some young hotties. Sadly for him, we’re never going to be a part of his dirty game. You may catch him trying to slide his wedding ring into his pocket. This older guy needs to finish his drink quickly and go home alone unless you have a bizarre daddy fantasy, then he might be lucky to have a companion.

You’ll find all kinds of guys at the bar, but it’s never a good idea to take just anyone home. You’ve got to set your standard and be sure it’s only the guy who is worth it goes home with you.