Learn How To Accept Your Body As It Is

Do you remember how your body was about 5, 10, or 20 years ago? How was it then and how is it now? Most probably, you see it better than it is now. The problem is that we can’t be objective and be fair judges even if we distance ourselves from our bodies.

Our society today has its criteria of beauty, and the media are responsible for spreading this view. The standards of beauty are intentionally far from reality. If we are like the models the media bombard us with their images daily in one beauty advert or the other, nobody would buy the product they are promoting. Since we want to be like them, we end up spending so much money.

If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with your body, here are some advice for you to learn how to love your body:

Evaluate the reasons for your dissatisfaction

Is it you, your partner, or someone else who does not love your body the way it is? People may say that there is a part of your body they don’t like, but your opinion should be different. Your opinion about yourself shouldn’t be the same as what others think or say about you.

Often, relationship problems are mixed with body satisfaction. If your partner is criticizing your body, it doesn’t mean you have a negative image, but that there is a problem in the relationship, which he’s yet to disclose. So do not accept external opinions about your body that are not yours.

Do not expose yourself to the manipulation of the media

Try not to spend a huge part of your time looking at fashion magazines, dietary programs, models, or clothing adverts. You should be aware that the ideas they promote make people vulnerable and make them hard on themselves.

Avoid exposure to unrealistic beauty images as much as possible. Remember that majority of them, if not all, use all kinds of image editing programs, heavy makeup and spend half of their lives stuck in a gym, with strict diets. Sometimes these models have ended up with severe eating disorders trying to look beautiful.

Focus on the functions of your body and not the form

Recognize all the amazing things your body can do for you regardless of the shape, color, weight, etc. If you exercise, do not do that for the sole aim of losing weight, slimmer or improve your body, but to be fit and healthy. A slim body does not have to equate to a healthy body. Stop focusing on what you have seen on the media and focus on what you have.

Let go of fantasies about the ideal body

If we were to think about it and we could choose a perfect body, probably this would end up changing something for us. Let the idea of a perfect body go because, in reality, nobody is perfect. You are who you are and nothing is going to change that. Stop fantasizing about being someone else and start to accept the real you.

If you think girls want thin curves, those with full chests want less and those with little want more. The girls with big butts complain they can’t find comfortable pants. In the end, everyone is unhappy with themselves.

Take care of your body

We often neglect something we don’t like because we prefer not to see it. Your body deserves the compulsory hours of sleep, a healthy diet (not a weight loss diet, but an overall healthy diet), some exercise, and pampering. If you neglect your body because you’re not happy with it, it will only make the problem worse. Instead, accept your body just the way it is and try to look fit and healthy.