12 Things You Should Do When He’s Just Not That into You

It may look like you have just met the perfect guy with the total package. He has a good sense of humor that makes you laugh, a cute smile, outgoing, spontaneous, goal-oriented, and downright very sexy and clean.

Apart from making you feel like the only girl in the world, he may also be surprising you with the coolest of dates ever, and communications through text messages may be hard to stop.

You may think you’re having the most wonderful moments with this guy who seems too good to be true until the text messages start to get fewer. Probably you haven’t seen him in days and you are beginning to over-analyze things.

If both of you get to hang out again or get him to text back, he appears distant, not flirtatious, and trying so hard to keep the conversation alive.

What most women fail to understand at this stage is very simple and plain: if a guy is into you and wants to see you, he will at least make an effort to ensure that happens.

Below is what you should do when dealing with a guy who is not just into you:

  1. Tell yourself you deserve more: for you to break a potential or a real cycle of choosing guys who are not into you, you must first realize that you deserve someone who wants you and is into you.
  2. Accept that you cannot change him: oftentimes, women get stuck in the fantasy that if a man could just change, then both of you would be happy together forever. Even worse is thinking if you try hard to make him see how much you love and adore him, then he would surely return the feelings and both of you could be happy together. Don’t do this! You can’t change a man or keep someone who doesn’t want to stay.
  3. Do not make excuses for him: if you notice or have a gut feeling that he is checking out other girls, then he does not belong to you. So don’t try to convince yourself otherwise, or coming up with excuses for him.
  4. Don’t stalk him with text messages: as earlier noted, a man who is into you should at least make an effort to want to see you or have a conversation with you. If he doesn’t initiate calls or text messages, or doesn’t even text or call you back, then you should stop calling or texting.
  5. Stop acting crazy: if a man wants to make time for you, then he will. Stop acting creepy and stalking him on social networks. It’s unattractive, and you should remember that you deserve attention from the right man.
  6. Never settle for second best: if the both of you are together and you notice that he’s always on his phone texting with other people, then he’s not into you. Never be a second option.
  7. Don’t be too eager to request him first on social media.
  8. Stop being naive, that girl “friend” you suspected could be more than just a girlfriend.
  9. Don’t feel you’re special to him if he doesn’t show much interest in learning more about you.
  10. Never waste your time on someone who you think is not into you and hence, not worthy of your time.
  11. Believe in yourself and never doubt your abilities.
  12. Never dumb yourself down for anyone for any reason. Follow your instincts, if you think you are seeing something wrong, chances are it is, so be smart.

If it seems that a guy is not into you, stop living in denial, and face the facts before you completely lose your dignity.