Why the Nice Guy Always Wins In the End

Many people think that nice guys finish last, but this sense of judgment shows a fundamental misunderstanding of who a “nice guy” is. If you are the type who thinks a nice guy loses in the end because he always put his woman first, then you are absolutely wrong.

The truth is that it is not actually the nice guy who finishes last, but the boring guy; the timid guy. And most importantly, in actual reality, it is the “bad boy” who is the greatest loser in the end because he usually lacks many of the qualities women look forward to in a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. In essence, the nice guy always wins in the end and the reasons are below.

A nice guy can be trusted

Trust is the greatest element in a relationship; greater than attraction and sex appeal or any other thing you can think of in a relationship. It is almost impossible to love someone you cannot trust, expect to be cared for, and commit yourself and your heart to someone you have no trust for. A nice guy, who in most cases, can be trusted will far more be considered than a bad boy for a long term relationship.

The nice guy always offer support

Life is tough! Yes, we all know that, and life could get so hard, throwing all kinds of challenges our way; financial challenges, health challenges, and other challenges from our daily routine. A woman is careful when she is choosing a man she wants to spend her life with because these challenges may arise at any time. When it does she would rather have a good man, a nice guy to stand by her side no matter how difficult things are.

The nice guy makes her feel valued

Some people in a long-term relationship often talk about their partner or both partners taking each other for granted after a while because the spark that was once in the relationship starts to fade away. This happens most often with bad boys, they are not used to sustaining the effort they use to get their women, and with time, their attractions just start to disappear. But the nice guy will continue to show his woman that she means so much to him long after they have been together.

The nice guy respects his woman

Respect is another important element of love. A woman needs to be sure she is with a man who respects her opinions, her point of view, her boundaries and the way she sees life generally. Most bad boys tend to exercise complete dominance over their women, but if the woman feels she’s not respected, it will take a little time before she finds someone who does; a nice guy.


It is true that being a nice guy may not get you all the girls you want, but the truth is you need only one woman who knows your worth. Being a nice guy will get you the right woman that will make you happy. Just be yourself, stay strong and be positive, there will be someone who appreciates you for who you are.