12 Dating Do’s and Don’ts Tips For Successful Dating

Today we are getting into top dating tips. These are like my top-secrets for a successful date.

I get questions about things like what should I do on the first day? How do you really manage dating stuff? And are there ways that we can make these dates go better? I’ve heard some different horror stories about dates that didn’t go well.

So we’re going to try to fix that today. We got a lot to get into. So let’s just get right into it.

So you want to date better, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are my top dating tips:

Tip #: Make sure you smell delicious

You need a signature scent. If you are going on dates, you want to make sure that you have a signature smell. When you walk into that room to whoever you are meeting. It should be like “Oh, hello.”

It just sent chills down the spine. Every time you see this person it should be like, “Oh, I know who that is.” Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what your signature scent is. You can simply look around and get one for yourself.

Also, scientifically, people don’t realize how strong the sense of smell is, and how much memory can be brought up from that. So let’s say you guys have a cute little date and you’re wearing your signature scent. And then they smell that somewhere else or something similar, they’ll think of you. This is how you’re going to be brought back up in their mind. While you’re not around, you better get behind the science.

Tip #2: Practice in the mirror

As weird as this may sound, it would be a really good idea for you to practice in the mirror or practice with a friend what a conversation would look like. Especially if you have social anxiety or anything like that, or you find yourself getting nervous with new people.

Tip #3: Make the conversation engaging

When you’re talking to somebody, even if it’s over text, you want to make sure you’re having an engaging conversation. Not what do you do? What are you doing? What are you into? That kind of conversation sounds boring.

We want to make sure you’re able to bounce from topic to topic, you’re able to bounce back quickly with an answer. These are the things that might take some practice, especially if you know that this is something you struggle with.

Do not feel weird to grab a friend and ask them if they can pretend to be on a date with you real quick? Try to get somebody that you can jump back and forth with conversation or yourself like literally in front of the mirror. You can just ask yourself questions and think of likely answers.

Most of the time, there’s a pretty general basis of questions you know you’re going to get asked. Don’t get into the regular boring conversation like, “What do you do? I work in Finance.”

Instead, you could say, I do accounting for blah, blah, blah, blah, where I manage this, this and that. And that makes it interesting. Don’t just spit back one-word answers.

Tip #4: Leave room for more

And also, when you’re having a conversation with somebody, make sure that some of your answers leave room for more. So you don’t want to give everything because you want to leave something like a cliffhanger.

So that either the next time you speak or the next time you’re on a date, whatever it is, they can ask whatever that they forgot to ask the last time. They can ask those open-ended questions that you left there, or they can ask that right when you’re speaking. Just leave a little room for more so that the conversation can continue.

Also, it’s always a good idea to end your answers with a possible question, that is you bounce back to him. How about you go back and forth. Try not to make it all about yourself because that’s boring. People like to talk about themselves, but it’s not cool.

Don’t be too straight up or try not to be too direct. Try asking a question at the end of your response. You leave the conversation open so that they can provide their input or their opinion on whatever you’re speaking about.

So basically, what I mean is make sure that you have some questions of your own that you would want to ask, especially interesting ones. Make sure you have solid questions that are important to you.

Make sure you have those questions lined up and you’re prepared for any response. Ask questions that can spark more conversation.

Try to avoid questions that have yes or no answers unless a yes or no can be expanded into why or why not.

Tip #5: Keep eye contact

I hate when I’m speaking to somebody and they’re around the room. I’m trying to get to know somebody and I’m seriously listening to you or talking to you. Look at me love – not like what’s your next answer? No, it can just be like, “Okay, so what do you do for a living?” Okay, straight eye contact makes you look interested, not obsessed.

It gives the impression that “Yes, I want to know what you have to say. Yes, I’m actively listening to you.”

Tip #6: Make sure that you’re actively listening

I know a lot of times people, especially in situations like this, not actively listening because they’re thinking of the next thing they’re going to say, which is why I’m saying you need to come prepared.

Think of these things. Now what we’re talking about this, write this down because you need to come prepared because if not, you’re not actively following.

And if something was said, and then you missed it because you were thinking about what you were going say, you’re going to look like you’re self-absorbed. You’re going to make them feel like “why am I even talking if she’s not listening to me?”

You can get something to bounce back by actually listening, they might have dropped a little gem in there that can spark the next topic of conversation by you actively listening.

Tip #7: Don’t be nervous

Do not be nervous, let it go. At the end of the day, there are billions of people in this world, and if this date does not go well, you’ll get another I promise.

Showing that anxiety and nervousness let them know that they have the upper hand. You can get the man thinking why is she so nervous to be with me? You know, I should be nervous to be with you.

You’re the prize, right? You need to remember that you’re the prize. They should be nervous. If anything, I’m not nervous because either you’re going to win or you’re not loved. You’re going to get a second date or you’re going to get a text back.

Don’t be nervous or try to give off the impression that you’re chasing him and so eager to snag a man.

You want to give off confidence, not cockiness, you want to give off that you are ambitious. And we’re confident in ourselves and we love ourselves not that we’re arrogant. So it shouldn’t be like yeah, whatever. Not nose up above your eye level. I respect you. You respect me.

Make sure that you’re coming in there looking like you know what you want and you’re not about to settle for less because you shouldn’t.

Tip #8: Be witty

Have this at the back of your mind that people love witty people. You just have to start slow to see what that person’s humor is like and what they will and will not tolerate.

Sometimes I think people jump in too fast with high sarcasm that the other person may not be able to process what the other person doesn’t appreciate. So you can’t do that. You should be playful here and there with little witty comments in the beginning, not snarky comments, and see how they play off of your energy.

Also, try to observe how they are humor-wise. See if they’re popping anything in and you can mirror that banter.

Tip #9: Don’t be afraid to eat

Do not be ordering these little finger foods. Honestly, I don’t understand who started that with women. I don’t understand why we act like we’re both not human beings and we’re both not hungry.

Make sure that you have money to pay for the bill if need be. Some people expected you to pay for it. Some people are going to pull that I forgot my wallet. Don’t be in a situation like that. To avoid making it a worse scenario is by making sure that you’re prepared if need be.

Tip #10: Go somewhere public

Also, again, if this is an in-person type situation, make sure that you’re somewhere public. Make sure that somebody knows where you are. Unfortunately, I have to say that but it’s the truth.

Tip #11: Keep your eyes and fingers off your phone

Also, personally for me, if I’m out with somebody, it’s annoying for you to be on your phone the whole time. So don’t be checking your phone while they’re talking. Don’t be texting people while on a date with someone. If you have to run to the bathroom and talk to your girls or text somebody or you need somebody to come to get you, step aside and do that.

Doing that in front of somebody is like a turnoff. It’s like a containment because you’re not going on a vacation together. you’re going on this date for an hour or two. So let’s make the most of our time.

Tip #12: Don’t gossip about people

Please do not be out here gossiping about people or bad-mouthing people or talking about people you used to date and comparing your current date to people. Don’t say things like “you’re just like my ex or my ex used to say that.” If that ‘me and my ex talk’ won’t stop, you’ll ruin the date. They will be like “Oh baby, you’re not even over that person let me not get involved.”

If you truly aren’t over somebody that you were dating before, do not go and waste people’s time like that, especially if you know they have good intentions. Especially if this person has the intention to get to know you on a deeper level and possibly pursue a relationship from there. Don’t waste their time. Don’t do that.

Just try to find people that are looking to casually date if that’s what you’re trying to go for.

Okay, guys, I’ve given you a lot of tips. So go and make the most out of your date.