Why You Should Never Settle In A Relationship

Settling is an irritating and depressing word. Only a few people would suggest that you settle for less than you deserve in any relationship. But the pressure to settle can be so real, both internally and externally even if it is not fully expressed.

Men and women who are still single after a certain age may be seen as too selective and urged to lower their standards and settle for anyone. For this reason, those who are single may face social stigmatization because of their relationship status.

Right from childhood, we have been made to believe all sorts of things. We have been made to believe that our worth is tied to our ability to find our soulmate. Also, we have been told that marriage symbolizes that we are matured adults and is our most vital adult relationship and that we are not complete unless we find our life partner. We have been made to believe that marriage makes us responsible adults. There is also the issue of the ticking biological clock, which not only affect the women folks these days, but also the men.

With all this pressure, there is no doubt that people rush to settle down even before they have prepared themselves, or before they find the right partner. There are so many reasons why you should never settle, but wait until you find the right match who would make you truly happy in a relationship.

The importance of social connection to our wellbeing can never be over-emphasized. As humans, we seek intimate relationships. However, the fear of being lonely can lead us to make romantic decisions and poor judgment when choosing relationships that may likely not last, makes us depressed, or even make us vulnerable to abuse. Since we are so desperate to settle, we may miss important warning signs that a potential partner will not make us happy.

Why You Should Never Settle

Be that as it may, being single allows you to build strong friendships and networks, and also allows you to devote yourself to activities you’re passionate about. You can as well create a unique identity for yourself and develop a sense of self-worth instead of staying attached to a romantic partner and seeking approval.

These will help you become a better person and benefit you when you eventually get into a relationship. If you’re satisfied with your life, not dependent on your better half, that will remove the unrealistic expectation that your partner should be meeting all your needs. This will be healthy for your relationship.

Some people prefer to settle because they think settling is safer than holding on till the right one comes along. Just because you hear stories of someone who was too picky and ended up lonely and miserable does not mean there are no persons who decided not to settle and eventually found an awesome partner who finally made the wait worthwhile.

Also, settling in an unhappy relationship because you have already invested in it is not a good idea. Whether you settle or decide to leave the relationship, either way, a loss is inevitable. Nevertheless, it’s just a matter of which is less; either you stay and invest more and risk even greater loss, or you take a bow and lose less.