How To Maintain Intimacy In A Long Distance Relationship

Separating from your partner at any given time is not in any way easy. Usually, it is difficult to keep the intimacy alive in any relationship, not to talk of being apart. Distance relationships require mutual effort in which you and your partner are willing and prepared to work hard together to overcome all hurdles. Although it is not easy, it is also not impossible to maintain.

In this case, the important thing is trust and communication, and most importantly, love.

Love conquers all

When your partner is away to another part of the world, this alone is an act that tests and shows that you are willing to make sacrifices for each other. Holding on to each other regardless of the distance shows that really, you both need each other and love is still there despite the circumstances surrounding your relationship.

Do not overlook the important things

Just because your partner is away or is not together with you does not mean you cannot celebrate special anniversaries nor have a special date. If it is a lovers’ day or an anniversary that is important to your partner, Christmas, or any other special date, do not overlook them simply because your partner is not with you. Find a way to celebrate them.

Communication is the golden rule

There has to be a level of commitment from both sides when your partner is going away for some time, not because they wanted to, but due to some circumstances. So it is important to have a special time you can communicate with your partner either online or by phone so that you both can communicate properly and not feel left in oblivion. Frequent phone calls, video calls, text messages, and e-mails will help both of you stay connected despite the distance.

You can agree on a particular time to talk, either daily or weekly depending on their schedule. If the agreed time passes and you were unable to communicate with your partner, you need to let him or her know what is happening. The person must understand basic communication needs in a relationship.

Be creative

True intimacy is not only about being in the same room but also being able to share a private moment. Online-sex or phone-sex can be an option as it can help both of you get excited even without necessarily having physical contact.

You can surprise your partner on Skype by wearing sexy lingerie to look and stay sexy in their memory, so they can desire to see you again soon.

Little details that make the difference

There are different ways you can show your partner you are thinking of them. A simple mail expressing everything about your new experiences, a postcard, or even a picture of both of you is more than enough to show your partner you remember them, and that even while they are away you still miss them.

Distance relationships are not as rare as it does in the past. Whether your partner is on the other side of the world, you can still maintain the relationship. When there is love between both of you, the distance may be what makes you and your partner experience better communication and a greater level of intimacy.