Why Do Nice Girls Finish Last?

When it comes to the dating game, do nice girls really finish last? Are you a nice girl or have you been told by the guy you are dating that you are a nice girl? If yes, this may be true because you probably go out of your way to help other people.

Nothing is wrong with being nice. Just for the record, a “nice” girl in this context does not mean one who is considerate of others, respectful, or a loyal friend, etc. What we mean by a “nice” girl here is a woman who overcompensates men more than they deserve to earn.

She cooks the finest of meals and serves him on a platter of gold, and buys him different items on the second date. A lot of ladies have been in this position and I believe they know what I’m talking about.

Some women, out of desperation do whatever they can to hold on to a man because they think they are not good enough. That makes them do whatever they can to keep the relationship at all costs. But how does this end up? Sometimes, the guy just gets fed up and stops calling. This has happened to some of us at a point in our lives.

The reason why this happens often is that anything you chase in life runs away from you. Whatever you clench on to tightly tends to slip through your fingers. This is especially true for men. You must have been wondering why this happens. It is because he senses that you place less value on yourself.

The man senses that you are trying to compensate for your unworthiness by giving your all prematurely in the relationship and this is a turn-off. As a woman, you can also appear desperate when you are overcompensating.

When you do this, it means that you are doing too much at the early stage of your relationship with him. You are giving him too much attention. It means that you are giving him all you’ve got without saving even an iota of value for yourself.

When you are lavishing all the love and affection inside you on a man through your actions, all he can do is sit back and enjoy it. This will make the man contribute little to nothing in the relationship because he knows you already like him, or that you have fallen hard for him, or falling hard for him. Knowing this will make him want to be selfish with his emotions and actions.

Nice girls finish last because they do not present enough of a challenge to a man to build the attraction necessary for him to want to stay for a long time. As women, we must learn to pace and dole out one Jelly Bean at the beginning of the relationship.

If you have ever been referred to as “too nice” by guys and you have never really had the relationship you think you deserve, maybe it’s high time you change your actions and perspective about relationships. Toughen up a little and be that woman who knows her value and has total control over her life and relationships. Don’t be the nice girl who finishes last, be the girl with lots of value and self-respect that all guys want to have.